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Laying a Shed Base

Plastic Shed Base - an alternative to slabs or concrete

There has been many uses for plastic alternatives for a lot of products. A plastic shed base is the latest product to hit the DIY Market by Storm. A plastic shed base grid is injection moulded and produces a strong shed base grid.

A plastic Shed Base is now a popular option to form a permanent shed base in your garden. Not only is it more popular and easy to install - you will find that there are other reasons to use a plastic shed base too.

To form the area needed for your shed, the shed base is assembled using a a grid of 600mm X 600mm grids. Weighing in at less than 2 kg, each shed base grid is a dream to use and light to carry - and will not break if you drop it.

Made from strong reformed injection molded plastic, the shed base grids will least for years, they can also be taken up again and moved if need be - as many times as you like.

Constructing a plastic shed base:

Work out the size of the area the shed base will cover and you should ensure that it is free from debris or holes. There is no need to dig any foundations as you would for a slab or cement shed base, you will need to ensure that you have a reasonably level surface though. If there are any parts of the area which are lower or have indentations in them, simply fill them with some sand, the shed base grid will sit on top of sand.

When you are happy with the area that the shed base grid will be laid upon, the next job is to lay the membrane down to prevent weed growth under the shed base and damaging the wooden shed.

Once the membrane is down, you simply need to lock the shed base grids together, even for a 10 X 10 shed base area, you will be done in minutes. Its that easy. Once you are happy with the shed base, simply follow the manufacturers instructions to build your shed. The shed base grids lock together using a simple peg insert.

As well as being easy to use, the plastic shed base has the following benefits:

- No heavy lifting involved, this will of course make it easier to lay the shed base yourself and not have to employ a builder at a cost.

- The shed base is robust and durable

- This plastic system for the shed base can be re-located with ease

- The plastic shed base grids allow the air to circulate through underneath the shed. This allows for good ventilation on the base of the wooden shed and helps prevent rotting.

- The shed base will not store water or moisture like a concrete or slab shed base, this will also help prevent any deterioration of the wooden shed.

- Being lightweight, you can practice your design or location of the shed base without making any permanent decisions, unlike slabs or concrete.

- The Shed base grid system can be laid in minutes, meaning you can build your shed and the shed base all in the same day.

The Plastic shed base, in summary

Cost effective shed base system which is very Easy to lay and can be completed DIY. There is no Permanent damage to the underneath surface and it allows ventilation within the shed base. It provides a very strong structure for a shed base which can be relocated.

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